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Direct Geotab and Phillips Shipments

Geotab offers direct fulfillment services which enable a quicker turn-around time. This service is great for unplanned fleet installations and expedited needs.

When ordering directly from Geotab, you will receive the devices, cables, and adapters separately. This will require kit assembly by the client.

On average, Direct Geotab orders will ship within 2-4 weeks of placing the order.

Shipping Services

Direct Geotab orders provide FedEx Ground and expedited shipping options. Please see the following fixed shipping rates:

Standard - $15.00

Expedited- $100.00

Some Phillips Connect orders ship via UPS and vary based on weight and destination. This cost will be determined once the order has shipped and will be included on your invoice. 

We do not support shipping using customer account numbers. 

Ready to make an order?

Use the link below to learn about our ordering steps and submission process which includes a Video Tutorial:

A full transcript of the Video tutorial can be found below:

Step-by-Step Guide: Utilimarc Order Form

  1. Welcome to the Utilimarc Order Form! This guide will walk you through the process of completing the order submission form.

  2. Begin by clicking on the "Product Description" link to access a detailed description of the available products. Familiarize yourself with the product options before proceeding.

  3. For bulk orders across multiple locations, please reach out to our Orders team directly at They will assist you in processing the order.

  4. Start with the "Contact Information" section. Provide your name, the company you're ordering for, email address, and phone number. This information is essential for processing your order.

  5. If you're a vendor working on behalf of a company, select "Yes" when asked and enter the vendor name. If not, proceed to the next question.

  6. In the "Bill to Email Address" section, indicate whether the billing email is different from the one provided earlier. If it is, click "Yes" and enter the appropriate email address. Otherwise, move on to the next question.

  7. If you have a Purchase Order (PO) Number, enter it in the designated field. This helps us track your order efficiently.

  8. The "Billing Subgroups" section is applicable to certain clients. If it applies to your order, provide the necessary information as instructed.

  9. Moving on to the "Shipping Address" section, enter the complete address where you want your order to be delivered. Double-check for accuracy to ensure a seamless delivery process.

  10. Now, we come to the exciting part—device selection! On this page, choose the specific devices you wish to order. Make your selections carefully, as you won't have the chance to change them later in the form.

  11. In our example, we'll select the Geotab AT&T GO9 Kit and Phillips devices. These options offer exceptional quality and reliability.

  12. Optionally, specify the desired date you need your order. While we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates, we'll do our best to ensure timely processing and delivery.

  13. In this section, we won't select specific kits and parts individually. The available options have been streamlined based on your previous selections, ensuring all necessary components are included.

  14. Now, let's focus on the GO9 Kits. Enter the desired kit name and quantity. If you need additional kits from the same category, click the "+ Add another product" button and provide the necessary details. Repeat this step for each additional kit.

  15. Once you've made all the selections for the GO9 kits, proceed to the "Phillips device" section. Follow the same steps as you did for the GO9 kits, entering the desired device name and quantity.

  16. Click the "Next" button to proceed. You'll be directed to a file uploader where you can upload any order-specific documentation or organizational files unique to your order. Take advantage of this feature to provide any additional information that could assist in fulfilling your request accurately.

  17. Finally, review all the information you've entered throughout the process. Ensure that your order details are accurate and as intended. If any changes are needed, you can click the "Back to Form" button to make modifications.

  18. When you're ready, submit your order. You'll receive an email confirming the receipt of your order. Rest assured, we'll process it promptly and keep you informed via email when your order has been successfully processed and approved.

General Inquiries

Send us a message:


Give us a call

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST


For hardware issues, please get in touch with Technical Support at 866-278-6170 or before placing a new hardware order.


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