Route Summary

Route Summary

The Route Summary report is used to find assets that are driving on or near routes based on data from the Telematics Device. This feature is useful for using historical data to determine whether multiple vehicles are driving on the same routes, or if routes could be modified for optimization.

To run the Route Summary report, navigate to Zones & Messages > Routes… > Route Summary. You can choose to view the report either by Asset (to determine if particular vehicles are driving near routes) or by Route (to determine if any assets are driving near a particular route.) Select a date range for your data and select Apply changes to view your results.

If you have run the report by Asset, each asset you selected will show as its own heading, with the names of routes it closely matches listed below. If the asset is not closely matched with a route, it will not show in the list. Likewise, if you have run the report by Route, each route you selected will show at its own heading, with the name of assets that drive similar patterns listed below. If the route does not match with an asset, it will not show in the list.


You can download the Route Summary report as a PDF or Microsoft Excel file by selecting Report in the top menu and selecting your preferred file format.

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