Planned vs. Actual Route Report

Planned vs. Actual Route Report

You can compare your route plans and your vehicles’ real-world activity using the Planned vs. Actual Route Report feature. This tool makes it easy to see the deviation between routes and trips and to identify potential areas for improvement within your fleet.

To access the report, navigate to Zones & Messages > Routes... > Planned vs Actual Route Report. Select an asset from the dropdown menu, or Select all to view all assets in your database. The report automatically defaults to the current day; to view archived data, select the appropriate date range in the Options menu.

The report displays your planned routes and trips by day and by asset. Stops inside of zones are listed in blue, and stops outside of zones are listed in red. This makes it easy to see where your assets are spending the majority of their time. Because zones are automatically generated around planned stops, any stop outside a zone will be labelled as an Unexpected stop.

The report displays the planned arrival time, stop duration, driving distance, and driving duration for each stop in grey text to the right of the stop name. The actual values for each of these criteria are displayed in blue text above the planned values.


Select the Information icon at the far right of each entry to show the stop information in list format, including the zone name, the actual and planned arrival times, the actual and planned stop duration, the actual driving distance and duration, and the planned driving distance and duration. If the stop was unplanned, it will simply show the actual arrival time and stop duration.

Select the Map pin icon at the top of the trip summary to open the Map view. The application automatically displays a comparison of the planned route alongside the actual route the vehicle took.

Planned routes are plotted in a solid, light blue line, with a green triangle to mark the route start, numbered red circles to mark stops, and a red square to mark the route finish. Actual routes are plotted like normal trips, and will display any exception rule violations that occurred during the trip. If you would like to view the trip without exceptions, select Remove all from the map legend to remove them from the map.


The Planned vs. Actual Route Report can be downloaded as a PDF or Microsoft Excel file by selecting Report from the top menu and selecting your desired file type.

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