Customer Visits

Customer Visits

The Customer Visits report allows you to quickly see where your vehicles are spending their time. The report can be run by driver or by vehicle depending on your needs.

To access the Customer Visits report, navigate to Zones & Messages > Customer Visits. Select your desired vehicle(s) from the list in the top left corner, or use the Select all option to run the report for every vehicle in your database.

The default report includes all zones in your database, but you can use the Zone Types field in the Options menu to select a specific type of zone (eg. Customer). If you would like to return to viewing all zone types, use the Select all option.

When you have selected the appropriate filters, select Apply changes to populate your data. Results are displayed with the vehicle name in the top left corner of each list item. Each entry lists the name of the zone, the time of arrival, the duration of the stop, and the time of departure. 

Selecting the Location icon will open the Trips History page to show the location of the vehicle during that particular stop and the trip details. The Sort by: dropdown menu at the top of the page allows you to organize your results in useful ways, such as by duration or by zone. 

You can also select the Summary button to view the total number of stops in each zone that your vehicle(s) made. Individual entries for multiple stops in a single zone will condense into one entry detailing the first arrival time, the last departure time, the total duration of stops, and a count of how many stops were made inside the zone. Selecting the Details button at the top of the page will return you to the Details page.


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