Extendable Services (Feature Preview)

Extendable Services (Feature Preview)

Extendable Services is a secured technology that allows users to connect and collaborate with trusted business partners by extending their telematics data to other Fleet Management application users. With Extendable Services, users can extend safety and performance-driven data with insurance providers to save on coverage, or engine diagnostic data with maintenance providers to save on repairs. 

Extendable Services starts with a transaction between two Fleet Management Application users; a user from a Primary Database who makes a request to extend telematics services, and a user from a Target Database who accepts or rejects the request based on the needs of their business.      

To extend a service, both sender and receiver must have accounts in the Fleet Management Application. The Extendable Services feature is available under the Extended services tab on the Asset Edit page, and only visible to users with the required clearance, and Feature Preview turned on.

To learn more about the Extendable Services feature, refer to the Extendable Services User Guide.

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