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Watchdog Report

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Watchdog Report

The watchdog report helps you focus on vehicles which warrant deeper examination. If a vehicle is not moving, or has not communicated for a period of time, it may be perfectly fine (for example, parked for a battery change), or it may be experiencing issues. 

Different types of communication messages are sent by the vehicle’s Telematics Device. When a vehicle is running, it sends trip report messages which include its location. When a vehicle is turned off, heartbeat messages are sent. For the first 48 hours a vehicle is turned off, a heartbeat message is sent approximately every half hour. After that, heartbeat messages are sent every 23 hours. (23 hours instead of 24, so that the time the message is sent will rotate.) All types of messages rely on network communication. A vehicle is considered to be not communicating if no messages of any sort are being sent. Archived (historical) vehicles are excluded from the report.

To access the report, select the Vehicles & Assets option on the left-navigation menu of the main application page. Select the Report dropdown menu and select Watchdog Report. You can view the list, download a PDF, or download an Excel spreadsheet with the same information. The latter provides the most flexibility. The Excel version of the report has 3 visible tabs. 

Report Tab

Each row in the Report tab provides the following data:


Vehicle name


Vehicle group(s)

Last Known Address

Last communicated location. If the vehicle is active, but the Telematics Device is not communicating, then the vehicle’s actual physical location will be different. If the location is resolved to a zone, the entire address field will be displayed in a blue font, including the zone name(s) and address. If it does not resolve to a zone, then the address will be listed in black.

Last Communication Date

The date and time of the last device communication, heartbeat or otherwise, if delayed. To declutter the report, the date is left blank for vehicles with an “OK” status.

Days Since Moved

Number of days from the date on which the vehicle last communicated location information (trip report) to the time at which the report was produced, if delayed. To declutter the report, the date is left blank for vehicles with an “OK” status.

Days Since Communicated

Number of days from the last date the vehicle communicated any type of record, to the last date the report was produced. As long as a vehicle has network coverage, it will continue communicating “heartbeat” message logs, even if the vehicle is turned off. If the vehicle was turned off and not moving while the device continued to communicate heartbeat messages, but stopped a week later, then Days since moved and Days since communicated will be a week apart. If both trip and heartbeat communication failed at the same time, then the dates will match. 

Serial Number

Serial number of the Telematics Device in the vehicle.


Interpretation of the vehicle’s status, based on the Last Communication Date and the customizable parameters to set time ranges. Refer to the knowledge base article for more information on customizing this report.

Map View

Quick link to display the vehicle on a map. Only selectable in the PDF or Excel reports not the application interface.

Chart Tab

The chart tab shows a graphical view of the status. The number labels for each section of the graph are the actual number of vehicles in each category, not the percentage.


Summary Tab

The summary tab shows a vehicle-by-vehicle list of the vehicle status and the days since last communication.

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