Installation History

Installation History

The installation history for all vehicles can be accessed from the Vehicles & Assets page by selecting Installation history from the Links dropdown list on the top bar. The Installation History is a report that displays the data that was recorded when the device was initially installed in the vehicle. This can include information such as the date of installation, the name of the installer, and the serial number of the device.

New Installed Devices

You can check new installation records from the Vehicles & Assets page by selecting New device installation from the Links dropdown list on the top bar.


What is the purpose of the New Installed Device(s) page?

This page will show all devices whose installation has been verified through Now all device installation logs are required to be accepted or declined. These may be accepted or declined through the New Installed Device(s) page.



  • Whenever there's a new installation to review the Vehicles page will display a pop up notification in a blue box displaying the message: Attention: # new device installation require review. Click here to review.
  • Once the new installations are accepted/declined they will no longer show on the New Installed Device(s) page.
  • In order for the Attention message to fully disappear the user must accept/decline all installation logs on the New Installed Device(s) page and then click on the X on the Attention message on the Vehicles page or refresh the Vehicles page.
  • If the Attention message is closed (by clicking on the X) and not all new installs have been accepted/declined, the message will continue to pop up whenever the page is refreshed.
  • In order to decline the changes follow the steps on the article How to decline "Attention: 1 new device installation require review."
  • Accepting the changes means that at least one of the check boxes of the installation log was checked.


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