Map Icons

Map Icons

The Map feature uses a variety of icons to indicate asset behavior and provide options for viewing data. Some common icons used include the following:


Indicates the location of an asset stop outside of company zones. Hovering over the icon displays the address of the stop and the asset’s arrival time. If the stop indicates the current location of the asset, it is labelled with the asset name and driver.


Indicates the location of an asset stop inside a company zone. Hovering over the icon displays the zone name, address, and type, as well as the asset’s arrival time.


Indicates a currently driving asset. Hovering over the icon displays the asset’s location and current driving speed.


Represents the Remove all feature. Any button with this icon will remove all instances of the specified object from the map.

Green check

Represents the Select all feature. It appears in the map Legend when you have removed all exceptions from the map. Clicking it repopulates the map with the cleared exceptions.

Red triangle

Marks an instance of an exception that is too short to indicate with a colored line. Hovering over the icon displays the asset name; driver; the type of exception; and the location and time at which it occurred.

Blue arrow

Appears at the far right-hand side of the Legend to indicate that there are further Exceptions that cannot be displayed in the legend due to size constraints. Clicking it displays a list of the remaining exceptions.

Lightning bolt

Represents the Charging feature. It displays next to any electric vehicles that are currently charging. The vehicle’s state of charge (SOC) is displayed next to the vehicle name.

If you are unsure what an icon indicates, consult the Legend at the bottom of the map. Most icons are labelled there for easy reference.

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