Understanding Your Vehicle

Understanding Your Vehicle

Authorized Resellers have access to a proprietary tool that is used to automatically discover the available engine information for your vehicle. This is done by providing your vehicle identification number (VIN) to your Reseller. The VIN is usually located on your dashboard.

In order to determine whether a vehicle is driving, stationary or turned off, the system uses patented technology to examine vehicle battery voltage, movement by use of accelerometer data, GPS location and available engine status information. This allows the system to be used in vehicles that do not include an engine bus, in new electric or hybrid vehicles, commercial vans, and large trucks.

Types of Engine Data

Your Telematics Device is designed to collect and respond to status information in your vehicle. The port it is installed in is traditionally used for on-board diagnostics from the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Your Telematics Device responds to changes in your vehicle in the following areas:

      • Engine RPM
      • Battery voltage
      • Engine warning light on (MIL)
      • Seat belt usage
      • Odometer
      • Engine hours (PTO)
      • Emission faults
      • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Please be aware that due to differences in vehicle manufacturers, the actual engine information available in your vehicles may vary. We are constantly expanding the number of supported vehicles and features, and regularly distribute firmware updates as necessary.

Note: If when installing your Telematics Device you experience issues such as power loss, vehicle stalling, or engine lights turning on, you may have an incompatible vehicle. Please remove the Telematics Device and contact your authorized Reseller.

Current Vehicle Support

Use the Vehicle Type and Engine Data table as a compatibility guide between vehicle types and certain application features. For more information, please contact your authorized Reseller.

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