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Asset Inspection

The Asset Inspection page lists all asset inspection reports that have been performed. To access the Asset Inspection in the Fleet Management Application, navigate to Engine & Maintenance > Asset Inspection. To learn more about Asset Inspections, including working with custom defect lists, see here.


The application supports proactive vehicle maintenance by allowing you to schedule reminders for routine oil changes, tire rotations, and other minor automotive services. Accurate GPS fleet tracking can also monitor the usage of your fleet and signal you when a vehicle is due for service. This helps prevent costly repairs when routine maintenance is neglected and reminds you when vehicles need attention to prevent future issues.

Maintenance Reminders

You can view and create your reminder by navigating to Engine & Maintenance > Maintenance… > Reminders. You can organize your rules by reminder name, maintenance type, repeat condition or number of vehicles added to the reminder using the Sort by filter at the top of the page.


To add a reminder rule:

      1. Click Add reminder from the top menu on the Maintenance Reminders page.
      2. Name your rule in the Description field.
      3. Choose a Reminder rule type from the dropdown menu.
      4. Specify if the reminder repeats by selecting Yes or No.
      5. If you select Yes, determine when you will be reminded by setting a time interval (either once or every x days or months), or by selecting a threshold (either engine hours or mileage).
      6. Use the Add Assets tab to search for and add assets to your rule.
      7. Click Save to save your changes and return to the Maintenance Reminders page.

Note: You can choose to select more than one criterion (for example, every six months and every 10,000 km.) In this case, the reminder will be sent when the asset reaches one of the criteria.


While the application has several built-in reminder rule categories, such as Oil Change and Lease Expiry, you can add additional categories to organize your own rules.

To add a new reminder rule type:

      1. Begin by adding a reminder rule as normal.
      2. Instead of selecting a reminder rule type from the dropdown list, select Add new type. The Maintenance Types page will open.
      3. Click the Add type button on the top menu.
      4. Create a name for your maintenance type and click Add type. The new type is now on the Maintenance Types list.
      5. Click Cancel to return to the Maintenance Reminder Edit page.
      6. Your new reminder rule type will appear in the dropdown list.

Upcoming Maintenance

Recording that you have completed the maintenance service is optional. The reminders you have set will still continue even if you do not record the outcome, and the reminder schedule is not linked to your actual completed dates. If you wish to change your next reminder, you must change the reminder rule.

To record a completed maintenance:

      1. Navigate to Engine & Maintenance > Maintenance… > Upcoming.
      2. Click the Complete button beside the maintenance that is completed.

Enter the information about the maintenance or servicing done. Click Save to save your changes and return to the Upcoming Maintenance page.

Maintenance Records

The Maintenance Records feature works with your maintenance reminders to provide a record of your asset’s maintenance history. The feature is designed to be as flexible as possible to allow you to organize reports to best suit your fleet’s needs. 

The Maintenance Records page is found under Engine & Maintenance > Maintenance… > Maintenance Records. In order to customize your results for your needs, you can choose to search by asset, maintenance type, or maintenance reminder name. You can also choose to include or exclude archived assets.

You can add maintenance records individually or in bulk, importing existing records into the Fleet Management Application. 

To add a single record:

      1. Select Add maintenance record from the Add maintenance dropdown.
      2. Enter the information about the maintenance or servicing done, including the cost if desired.
      3. Click Save to save the maintenance record and return to the Maintenance Records page.

To add multiple records:

      1. Select Bulk import maintenance from the Add maintenance dropdown.
      2. Click Download template to organize your maintenance information.
      3. Upload your file using the Drop file here or click to browse button. If you receive an error message, correct your file and try uploading again.
      4. Click Import.
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