In certain situations, it may be necessary to purge data from a Group. The Purge feature allows you to permanently delete certain types of data, including private data, at specific time intervals. You can set up to 20 purge schedules. 

To use the Purge feature:

      1. Navigate to Administration > System… > System Settings from the main menu.
      2. Under the Purge tab, toggle Routinely purge older data to On to enable Purge Settings.
      3. Click Add Purge Schedule to set a purge schedule for a Group, then select the schedule to expand purge settings.
      4. Select how long you want to keep each data type and when the selection period passes, the data will be permanently deleted.
      5. Click Save. A popup window displays the following message and prompts you to enter your password to enable the purge.
      6. Click the Enable button. After you enable a purge, all the Administrators on your server will receive a notification.
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