System Settings

System Settings

The System Settings page offers a number of different settings for your organization. These settings are grouped in seven categories: General, Maps, User Account Policy, Add-Ins, Purge (Feature Preview), Marketplace, and Certificates. These sections are discussed in further detail below.

To access the System Settings page, use the main menu to navigate to Administration > System... > System Settings.

The General tab settings allow you to edit and add information to your company profile, such as name, address, industry, and percentage of fleet using the Telematics Device. It also allows you to customize various basic, application-wide settings, such as risk management speed bands, maximum personal conveyance distance, and whether Resellers are allowed to access your databases by toggling Allow reseller access to On or Off

Note: By default, this feature is toggled to Off. However, if your database was registered by your Reseller, this feature is toggled to On. If you want to restrict Reseller access to your database, you must toggle the feature back to Off.





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