QuickStart Videos: Geotab Drive App (Drivers)

The Geotab Drive App offers many powerful benefits to users. Geotab has provided instructional videos for app users on the driver side. Utilimarc has compiled a selection of videos specifically pertaining to driver use of the app. Additionally, a driver guide has been included at the bottom of this article for general usage information as well as specific guides on DVIR, HOS, Roadside Inspection, and Data Diagnostic/Malfunction. 

  • How to Log into Geotab Drive


  • How to Log Out of Geotab Drive


  • How to Generate a Compliance Report & Transfer Logs


  • How to Edit Assets & Shipment Info


  • How to Add Co-Drivers


  • How to View the Status and Graph Pages


  • How to Manage Logs


  • How to Accept or Reject Logs Edits


  • How to View Diagnostics & Malfunctions 


  • How to Apply Exemptions


  • How to Use Messaging


  • DVIR Inspection (Walkaround) 


Driver's General Guide

Driver's DVIR Guide

Driver's HOS Guide

Driver's Roadside Inspection Guide

Driver's Diagnostic & Malfunction Guide

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