Geotab GO9 Installation Guide and Troubleshooting

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This article will assist you in successful installation and validation of telematics devices using the Geotab GO9 device according to the specifications of Geotab and configurations designed by Utilimarc Telematics. The part number for this device is "GO9".

Kits using this device contain a subset of the parts pictured below:


Step 1:  Record Vehicle / Equipment Information

If the unit data is not already associated with the device, the first step of the installation is to record the following information prior to plugging the telematics device into the vehicle:

  • Unit number

  • VIN Number or other Serial Identifier

  • Serial Number located on the device

  • Current vehicle odometer reading, if applicable

  • Current vehicle engine hours, if available

The vehicle data should be recorded locally and kept for online submission during the installation process, described below.

Step 2: Plan the Installation

Device Placement: If the GO9 device kit includes a mounting bracket, these guidelines apply to the mounting bracket rather than the GO9 device itself. Attach the GO9 device or mounting bracket to the solid body of the vehicle or other rigid surface, preferably not to plastic panels. The GO9 can be placed out of sight by securing it beneath the dashboard, near the vehicle's diagnostic port, if a splitter cable has been provided as part of the installation. If using a mounting bracket, make sure to zip tie the GO9 device securely into the bracket. Make sure you can get access to the unit afterwards as it may be necessary to troubleshoot the installation or add additional wiring or connections to the GO9.

Status LED lights on the front of the GO9 unit can provide valuable information about the operation of the device. When feasible, attempt to install the GO9 in such a way that these lights can be seen with reasonable ease.

You may find it useful to be able to view the LEDs periodically to make sure that the GO9 is operating properly. If at any time you should encounter a problem with the GO9, you may need to read the LEDs in order to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 3: Device Installation

There are many useful documents and videos created by Geotab for help in GO9 installation. Here are a few of the most significant links:



Follow the installation steps in the GO9 Installation document linked above, using the device's indicator LEDs and status to verify communication status. The device will enter a diagnostic/debug mode shortly after installation, indicated by a series of beeps. If you are wiring digital inputs to the device, the inputs should be provided with a positive voltage signal during this diagnostic period to "train" them. See the IOX-AUXM Digital I/O Guide for more thorough details on this process.

Once the device is installed, submit a record of installation to This submission site will also indicate whether the device is currently communicating:


If the installation required digital inputs to track additional hardware (Boom, PTO, etc.) make sure you have the correct input assignment scheme already determined with Utilimarc and your organization. If necessary, remove the 8-pin molex plug from the IOX-AUXM cable to wire the input directly to the appropriately labeled (AUX1, AUX2, AUX3, AUX4) wire. The IOX-AUXM will plug into the mini-USB port on the side of the GO9 device and should be secured in place with a zip tie.

Step 4: Data Validation

Verify location through the MyGeotab portal. If you do not have access to the MyGeotab portal, contact your organization's administrator in charge of portal access.


Verify I/O signals if needed through the mapping feature of the MyGeotab portal. Make sure each input is trained during the diagnostic stage of the installation, as described in Step 3: Device Installation and in the IOX-AUXM Digital I/O Guide article linked above2020-03-06_14-32-45.png


GO9 Troubleshooting

In the event you have a vehicle that indicates there has not been communication for a number of days, please refer to this document from Geotab regarding the proper troubleshooting steps. If the issue is still not resolved after these steps, please contact

GO9 Troubleshooting Documentation


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