Checking Device Communication

The LMU is equipped with two Status LEDs, green for GPS and orange for COMM. Both status LEDs should be solid indicating the device has acquired a cellular and GPS connection. Below is a table of possible blink patterns and their meanings:


LED 1 (Orange - Comm LED):

Condition LED 1 Pattern
Modem Off Off
Comm On - Searching Slow Blinking
Network Available Fast Blinking
Registered and Connected Solid


LED 2 (Green - GPS LED):

Condition LED 2 Pattern
GPS Off Off
GPS On Slow Blinking
GPS Time Sync Fast Blinking
GPS Fix Solid


Once the LEDs are solid, data validation can be performed. (See Data Validation)


One of the most common problems is improper wiring causing the device to never turn on. If the status LEDs are not blinking, first verify that the device's power, ground and ignition are wired properly. Next, make sure the COMM and GPS are connected to the device and secure. Make sure there are no kinks and the cable is not being crushed.

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